Thursday, May 28, 2009

Slaughter in the City

Thanks to Keith Burgess-Jackson at Animal Ethics for posting a link to this New York Times story about the rising popularity of small-scale urban slaughterhouses. The story features an accompanying slideshow of images which leaves me wondering how these animals fare in their final days and how those who tout the supposed humaneness of smaller-scale slaughter operations over larger operations could possibly argue that this current trend is in any way more justifiable.

My favourite quote from the article about surrounding urban residents' "concerns" is particularly telling about societal norms concerning the usage of animals considered "food":

Last year, residents of St. Albans, Queens, blocked a small slaughterhouse from opening on Farmers Boulevard. One resident, Marie Wilkerson, told The New York Times that she feared its stink would ruin backyard barbecues.
Heaven forbid that you really get a good real whiff of what it is that you're eating, Marie. I mean--that would be unappetizing.


Claire said...

I know, right? I shouldn't have to see orchards while I'm outside drinking my lemonade.

The third picture on the NYT article, of the goat, gets to me.

M said...

It must be the goat the journalist compares to a "supermodel flirting with the camera", where the butcher tells him that the goat is trying to "make a connection" with him. :-/