Wednesday, May 06, 2009

More Vegan Recipes in Mainstream Media

I love it when I find these. Yes, there are hundreds of wonderful websites and blogs on the internet devoted to vegan nomness, but when I find vegan cooking and recipes on the websites of ordinary newspapers, it makes me particularly happy. Regular people who wouldn't ordinarily seek out specifically vegan recipes get a chance to sample foods or dishes they might not otherwise get the chance to try out, and if the recipes are good, stereotypes about animal-free cooking get broken, and maybe some person out there starts to incorporate animal-free meals into his diet. I used to view potlucks as an opportunity for sneaky subversive activism.


Northwest Herald has a recipe today for Glazed Chocolate-Avocado Cupcakes that sounds decadent.


A couple of months ago,
I'd posted about an informative article I'd found about agave nectar (also known as 'agave syrup'). Maybe it's just the after-buzz from Cinco de Mayo, but it seems that agave has been getting even more attention in mainstream media, since then. The Binghamton Press has both an article about its increasing popularity, as well as a recipe for a Mango-Pineapple Mojito Sorbet that almost makes it feel worth running out to buy an ice cream maker. And then there's OK! Magazine's easy-peasy recipe for a low-calorie Margarita that's definitely worth trying out.


Finally, although it doesn't contain any recipes, this Tacoma
News Tribune piece on the financial and health benefits of eating more beans and grains does contain some cooking instructions and suggestions.

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Anonymous said...

These are great articles!! I can see the mango-pineapple mojito sorbet is going to be made a lot at my house this summer!! Yum.