Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Fiddleheads Are Comin'!

The Bangor Daily News has a neat little story today about vegan blogger-turned-food-writer Mary Lake. Her blog, Mitten Machen, is mostly focused on vegan living in Maine. Her recent post on her favourite nearby farmers' market resuming its summer schedule featured a yummy sounding simple recipe for Fiddlehead Pasta w/ Lemon & White Wine, which leaves me excited about the arrival of fiddlehead season in my neighbouring province. This spring's flooding left water levels higher than usual, which means that many of the fiddleheads are still underwater right now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that relatives who forage for them every year will share their bounty with me, once again.

The VeganYumYum blog has a great information piece on them, for those who've never heard of them and who are curious. Most people living in the very northeastern United States and the Maritime provinces should find them in stores soon, if they aren't already.


Mary said...

Thanks for the mention! Your blog is well-done, and so informative.

Are you in Newfoundland? I was there all last summer. Beautiful, but NOT vegan-friendly.

M said...

Hi Mary! I'm actually in New Brunswick, so much closer to you. I grew up just minutes away from the old Loring Air Force Base.

It's great to see a fellow vegan so near.