Saturday, May 23, 2009

Just Different

Brandon over at Abolitionist Education made this short video with his little brother Ayden. The following is the script he included in his YouTube post.

The Script:

I had never thought about it until someone asked me. The question itself wasn't a life changing question, but it was the tip of a life changing iceberg. I never knew that such a causal remark could change me so much.

Now that I think about it, the signs were there all along. Its almost crazy, that I didn't see them sooner.

I loved him, he was my best friend. I would never think of hurting him. And yet, how did I persist so long living like that, hurting others like him?

Its not in me to be full of malice. Im a caring guy, and I know that. No, I wasn't actually part of the process. But when you pay someone to do it, its pretty much the same thing isnt it?

I would never hurt them. Never cause them harm for a reason as small as my pleasure. There is simply no need to, and I knew that. And yet, somehow I did cause them harm. For years I did, and I didn't think twice about it.

Perhaps I didn think about it, because there was nothing to think about. No one had mentioned it to me. I probably would have never entertained the thought of discussing such a topic. The reality is so absent in our world.

But I changed and I realized that I was wrong. Wrong, without even knowing there was a question of right or wrong.

Ive realized now, its not that their better then us. And its not that were better then them. Its not a question of who is better. I don't think that even matters anymore. Were just different. We speak different languages. We live in different worlds.

Its not as if there's a conflict either. I don't know why I thought it was that way at first. Knowing this strengthens my resolve.

My resolve, that its just not right to abuse someone, simply because we can. Or, simply because it makes us feel good. Or simply because we can talk and think and they cannot - Simply, because we are different.

And even though we are different, we are the same in the areas that matter. We can both cry out in pain, or laugh with joy. We both seek comfort and avoid discomfort. Just because we can talk and they can fly doesn't mean we are better. Just different.

And they are so innocent. They have done no crime. They didn't ask to be brought into this world. And yet here they are, completely innocent and yet so hated.

So helpless they are. But I'm not supporting that anymore.

I realized I wouldn't do it to him, and now Im over my moral confusion. Im over pretending that because I am stronger or smarter that that gives me reason to use or abuse others.

I am not describing our relationships with other worlds, or other existences. I am talking about other inhabitants of our planet earth. Other beings who exist with us, caught together in this web of life. These animals have done nothing wrong, and yet they are so vilified.

Remember that life changing iceberg? While I uncovered the whole thing, and it turned out to be a life changing and life saving iceberg. Each day, I choose to save a life, simply through what I eat.

I would never think of eating him, so why would I eat another of his kind?

We are not better then them, that doesn't even matter anymore. We're just different.

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