Wednesday, May 13, 2009

If It Comes From a Cow, It Ain't Vegan

I got a little excited over my lunch break after finding a Dallas Observer writer's blog post announcing a vegan 'cheese' taste-testing. Alexa Schirtzinger wrote yesterday that she gathered some coworkers and had them sample different purportedly vegan cheeses to see which one(s) came out ahead. They tried out:

  • Rice Vegan in Pepper Jack, Cheddar and American Flavors (Galaxy Nutritional Foods)
  • "The Original" Almond® in Cheddar Style (Lisanatti)
  • Soya Kaas in American Cheddar
So, in her first comments about the results, Schirtzinger ends up writing of Lisanatti's almond cheese that "it tastes just fine--although it contains both casein (milk protein) and lactic acid, so I kind of think it should have been a better product". (Better?) Then in her final paragraph, she ends up writing that one of the Rice Vegan cheeses "won" the taste testing, since "Soya Kaas contains casein and lactic acid".

So in which Twilight Zone episode was this a vegan cheese taste-testing?


Anna Graham Shonle said...

I wonder why they didn't think to try the better (and truly vegan) non-dairy cheeses like Follow Your Heart or Teese. Lame!

Steve said...

Or homemade vegan cheese!!