Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Vegan-ish Bits Online

I did a quick scan of mostly online media this morning while inhaling my morning coffee and found a few interesting things to share.

Adam Kochanowicz, a fellow fan of Bob and Jenna Torres' kickass Vegan Freak Radio Podcast, has been writing some neat little pieces for One of his latest addresses the "3 Most Popular Vegan Fallacies" -- that veganism leads to protein deficiency, that it's difficult to be vegan in certain locations, and that vegans are skinny.

The Dallas Observer featured a brief interview today with former professional tri-athlete and current Austin firefighter Rip Esselstyn about an animal-product-free cookbook he's recently published. Esselstyn is distancing himself from using the term "vegan", however, adopting the label "plant strong" instead, emphasizing a diet that's "all plants, no animal products, no added oils, and no processed foods" as well as containing no caffeine or alcohol. The recipes are suitable for vegans, but the author's focus is strictly on health.

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