Monday, March 30, 2009

Of Starblazers and Steampunk

Yesterday, my friend T. and I got into a discussion about a shared nostalgic bit from our respective childhoods -- the old animated series Star Blazers (at least, that was its North American incarnation back in the day). The conversation then meandered in increments and we went from discussing Star Blazers, to models of the Space Battleship Yamato -- the Argo in me own wee heart, to our respective former obsessions with Lego and building things. (Google pretty much effectively condensed and / or summarized most of our conversation here.) Then he brought up "steampunk". And then I ended up finding a link to some photos of steampunk computer modifications and have, I think, come up with a new project, if only I can resurrect my comatose iMac. In retrospect, it was sort of funny how the conversation ended up getting from Star Blazers to steampunk, considering that Star Blazers is as steampunk as anime gets.

Fore more information on how to go about indulging your steampunk urges, check out The Steampunk Workshop. The Instructables website has a whole bunch of entries in their steampunk category, as well.

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