Friday, March 06, 2009

Quite Possibly One of the Most Stupid Things I've Read Today

Taken from Princeton's newspaper, The Daily Princetonian:

“The dining hall is the reason why I’m not vegan anymore,” said Jones, who is now independent, adding that she subsisted mostly on peanut butter, soy milk and fruit when she had a meal plan. “I basically couldn’t eat a varied diet and get all the nutrients that I needed,” she explained.

As the University requires all students to sign up for meal plans during their freshman and sophomore years, Jones said she felt she wasn’t getting her money’s worth. “I was being forced to pay for everyone else’s meat, which I normally wouldn’t support,” she said. As a result, she gave up veganism. “I decided to eat [meat] anyways since I was paying for it,” she explained.

She decided to "eat meat anyway" since she was paying for it? Plus, the article goes on to state that more than a third of the meal options in her dining hall at any given time were actually vegetarian or vegan. Once again, convenience trumps logic.

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