Monday, March 16, 2009

Recipes, Muscle-Flexing and Documentaries, Oh My!

From the interwebs this morning:

The Washington Post's Kim O'Donnell's latest "Meatless Monday" instalment featured recipes for a BBQ Tempeh Sandwich and Carrot-Cayenne Coleslaw, both from Bryant Terry's Vegan Soul Kitchen.


Mother Jones
had a really positive article on vegan bodybuilder Kenneth Williams in the online version of their March / April issue.


's Brian Lowry wrote a review of the documentary Death on a Factory Farm, which airs on HBO tonight at 10 pm. He describes it as "exposing cruel treatment and horrible conditions for animals bred for butchering, without addressing the larger question of societal complicity in our demand for food at reasonable costs". Lowry sums up the documentary by stating that

The main drawback with this sort of exercise -- and indeed, the animal rights movement -- boils down to a matter of degree and perspective. Wanting such operations to be as compassionate as possible is certainly laudable. But unless everyone turns Vegan overnight, animals are going to be killed for our consumption, so the question boils down to how.
It's annoying -- but unsurprising -- to hear yet another person stress that it's unreasonable to strive towards the eventual cessation of animals being raised and slaughtered for food, and that our attention should instead be focused on animal welfare -- i.e. how animals are treated as they continue to be raised and slaughtered for us to eat.

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