Saturday, October 18, 2008

On Sorting Out the Hooch

I found a site that lists the vegan-friendliness of alcohols, according to brands and labels. It's something to which I've never paid all that much attention before and I figure that I should start doing so. The site's called Barnivore and has alphabetical lists in its beer, wine and liquor categories, as well as a search field where you can plug in a brand or label's name. The site posts the company's information, as well as its official response to a query sent about animal ingredients contained in its products or used in processing them. It also provides when the company's confirmation was received and whether the information was double-checked.

My cheap Aussie favourite, Lindeman's, is processed with dairy, eggs as well as fish products. The cheap Aussie red that's (I think) the only red served at my favourite local Indian restaurant, Banrock Station, is also processed with egg and dairy products. No entries on Picaroon's beer -- a local brewer's stuff. I may contact the company myself and submit the info to Barnivore.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug! We're adding a bunch more companies today, but we don't have any info on Picaroon's in the queue yet - if you can forward on your findings that'd be greatly appreciated, tips on how to ask and submit can be found here:

M said...

Hi Jason1

You're welcome. I've emailed Picaroon's and will certainly submit whatever info I get.

You've got a great site -- it's a valuable tool. I've passed the link on to a bunch of friends.