Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Are you a good vegetarian guest?

This article in Thailand's Pataya Daily News on how to be a gracious vegetarian guest applies to anyone anywhere in this big ol' world. Years ago, shortly after first transitioning to vegetarianism, I used to feel a certain amount of anxiety upon receiving dinner invitations. Vegetarianism was new to me and not as widely known and accepted as it seems to be now. These days, I lose track of how often people tell me they have a niece who's vegetarian, or about how their teenager's boyfriend is a vegan -- that sort of thing. I used to feel awkward telling someone about my diet, wary of offering up an unwelcome hassle. Thankfully, I've learned to become a somewhat decent cook so that bringing a dish along not only lessens any potential burden on my host, but often triggers a light conversation about vegan cooking.People always seem pleasantly surprised that it's neither bland nor repulsive. Go figure!

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