Saturday, October 18, 2008

On Being Single

I woke up curled up around a couple of cats this morning and mulled over the week's events. After many good-natured conversations lasting into the wee hours with various friends this past week, I've come to the conclusion that:

  • Friends in relationships view my being single as some sort of illness, and that I'm (of course) seeking to get "better" (i.e. find another long-term relationship).
  • Friends who are single and not seeking (or finding) relationships think that if I'm actively seeking a relationship, I'm weak or needy and that I invariably need to spend some time "finding myself" and that if I do find someone, I'm "settling" and much better off staying single.
  • Friends who are single and who are either seeking relationships and who are already involved in the dating process are too busy keeping their own heads above water to sit back and try to assess my goings-on in terms of their own respective relationship statuses.
  • My cats, I'm sure, would view everything in terms of the potential of their obtaining a second lap versus the possibility of having to find a different place to sleep at night other than sprawled all over the bed around me. I'm equally sure, however, that if I keep them in organic catnip, they'll be supportive of any decision I make.


Anonymous said...

Your point is well taken. However, I’m not sure that your conclusions are a result of “being single.” Being a lawyer (of sorts) I’d say that they sound more like solid arguments for acquiring better friends.

In any case, I like your blog; you’ve got an interesting perspective.


M said...

I was making a general (and somewhat humorous) observation on how people view single women more than anything -- hardly judging friends for interpreting the world through their respective filters. It's just what people do. That doesn't make them bad friends.

I'm glad you like the blog!