Sunday, June 01, 2008

Peak Oil gardening-oriented discussion forums?

If anyone's aware of some good (and active) organic (or biointensive, even) gardening discussion forums on any peak oil oriented sites and wants to share a link, I'd be grateful.


J said...

I'm honestly not sure I've ever seen a site that has the two topics together, unless you are talking about something more broad in focus such as Common Dreams or Truth Out.

If you find one, do let ME know. :-) Perhaps you should start one, I'd definitely be interested.

M said...

The Life After the Oil Crash site has a discussion forum that includes a gardening section. I just found it today and haven't really had time to check it out yet.

Their URL made me chuckle a little (

I'm thinking that a really good organic or biointensive gardening forum on a homesteading-oriented site, might be great, too. Or even just a regular old organic gardening forum. I guess that it doesn't really have to be linked in to peak oil in any way. I was just curious about those discussion forums in general, on top of wanting to find a gardening forum. :-)