Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mini garden update

One of the neighbourhood cats has discovered my garden. I'll see him amble towards it in the morning when I'm sitting on my back step drinking my morning coffee. Fearless, he is. I'll have to make sure that I keep some sort of screening down over any open areas lest he start using the garden as his personal litter box.

I'd planted some black heirloom bush beans almost three weeks ago (I'm bad with dates and need to check my gardening notebook), and they've been coming up over the past 2-3 days. So have the beets and chard I planted in-between the bean rows. I have heirloom wax bush beans beside them that I planted a little later and they should be coming up soon, as well. Between rain, overtime and the yard being occupied by neighbours, I haven't finished off as much of the garden as I'd like, yet. I still need to pull sooooo much lemon balm and sow some more greens. It's hard to believe that it's past mid-June already; it still feels as if May was right behind me, all spring-like and promise-filled. I have a few jalapeno peppers just barely starting to grow and my potted zucchini has a couple of blossoms.

I'll have to remember to jot down the names of the heirloom veggies I'm growing to post them here.


J said...

Haha, you've got your very own 'Garden Critter' M! Sounds like you have a lovely morning, drinking coffee, enjoying nature and kitties. I should get up earlier before work than I do. I just get up, get dressed, and get out to the bus stop!

Sounds like the garden is really coming along. I love that you are growing beans! You should take some pictures if you have a camera, newbies like me would love to grow beans, but to be perfectly honest, I don't even know what they look like in plant form, let alone how to care for them!

All those heirlooms sound great. Awesome that the jalapenos are starting to grown and the zucchini are taking off too. There are a couple of plants in our garden that are doing pretty well, all I know is that they are squash, what kind, I do not know, and we planted quite a variety of squash.

We labeled the plants when we started them from seed. However, I wasn't very smart about it, I used paper labels, that of course came off when we watered them. Many fell off at once, long story short, we're not entirely sure which plant is which!

M said...

I could honestly do without a cat adopting my garden. My upstairs neighbour had one a few years ago that used to dig up all of my seed and seedlings and leave the most vile presents for me. I take my old boy Tarwater (he's pushing 15) out on a leash in the evenings and one of the things he loves most is to roll over on his back and give himself a dust bath, the little weirdo. :-)

Try bush beans! They're so easy to grow (do a quick Google search and you'll see), plus they enrich your soil by taking nitrogen from the air for their own use and then leaving it in the soil afterwards.

I usually try to use the original markers that come with the plants or take a permanent marker to some plastic plant markers I bought last year. I've played the ''wait and see'' game myself lots, though. Heheh.

I have a camera and have some garden pics for it, but since my computer is still down at home, I need to find another way to upload them. Might try to do it from work next week, although I can't really crop or resize anything here.