Friday, June 06, 2008

PETA and KFC-Canada -- Gary L. Francione`s take on it

The PETA / KFC-Canada story has generated a lot of discussion in veg*an circles over the internet this past week. I've gotten involved in a few of them, myself, and have been surprised at how divisive the rights vs. welfarism issue has become. Criticizing /praising PETA has also become a divisive issue within veg circles (which I won't get into today, although I'd like to write about it and about the love / hate veg*ans have for PETA at a later date). Anyway, I just wanted to post this link to my favourite animal rights philosopher, legal scholar Gary L. Francione's take on the whole PETA / KFC-Canada happenings, since I think he makes a really sound case for why it's all just been one big ol' publicity coup for KFC-Canada and why PETA's work here is far from a step forward, but is instead several steps backward for the animals in question.


J said...

Of course it's a publicity stunt, corporations never act altruistically. It's not in their 'nature'.

M said...

I've been amazed at the reactions I've been getting from other vegetarians or vegans when I express my thoughts on this story. In some cases, it's almost been as if they've wanted to shame me for criticizing PETA at all, as if they should be untouchable. I've defended them in the past over a lot of stuff, but this thing is just so much meaningless BS.