Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Official My Face Is on Fire Pre-podcast!

Enjoy it in all of its technical splendour! Heh. These are just a few words to set up what I hope to accomplish with this thing, if I do indeed decide to keep plugging away at it. Many thanks to William Paul for suggesting The Internet Archive as a host site for now. To visit the My Face Is on Fire page there, click here.

If you have any suggestions for topics you'd like to see covered / questions you'd like to have answered once the actual podcast gets rolling please drop me a line at m.of.the.maritimes at or contact me on Twitter (@MFIoF).

Now go laugh heartily at the technobe's first podcast! :-)


Lucas said...


Unknown said...

good stuff! Definately necessary for someone to step in for gary, roger, adam, bob and co. who are sorely neglecting their podcasting! Make sure you do it regularly and maybe editing can help remove some of the 'uhm's ;-) Also check in your feed to itunes for automatic updating and good luck.

Unknown said...

I just finished listening to the first episode and am really excited to hear more!

kulturfenster said...

hi there, that was already really interesting! What i am most interested in is where to draw the line and WHY this line is morally acceptable. That'd be great if you could do a podcast about that!

M said...

Lucas and Ravenfire, thanks for the feedback!

kulturfenster, I hope to focus on some basics early on (e.g. What is veganism? What is the abolitionist approach to animal rights? Why doesn't welfarism work?) on top of covering more specific, topical or practical "hands-on" stuff. Thanks for the suggestion.

The: Although Adam and Bob/Jenna seem to have gotten busy with other things and have put their respective podcasts on the backburner, Gary is still podcasting regularly. You should also check out the following abolitionist podcasts if you're itching for more:

Although he seems to be on podcasting hiatus, you can also check out Vincent Guihan's backlog (here's his feed):

And then there's Pao Aldana de MeoƱo YouTube channel:

There are more, but these are a good start. :-)

Amanda Rock said...

yay! now I don't even have to read! :p

LiveVegan said...

Great job Mylene. I really enjoyed it. Lovely voice. I look forward to more.