Saturday, April 24, 2010

How to Make the Perfect Falafel

I usually make falafel using an inexpensive mix I buy at the health food store. Although this method below seems a bit more time consuming, it's so very much worth it in the end. Although she doesn't mention it in her video, hot sauce is frequently used in falafel sandwiches and is a must-have when I make them. You can find pickled turnip in the ethnic foods section of your grocery store or use one of the numerous recipes available online to make it yourself. Traditionally, other pickled vegetables are sometimes served with falafel balls, so don't feel guilty about doing what I do, which is to occasionally use things like pickles or hot peppers.

To make the garlic sauce to which she refers near the end of the video, peel one whole garlic bulb and toss it into the blender, slowly adding a half cup of oil and around a tablespoon of lemon juice while blending until smooth. The finished product should have a mayo-like consistency and some like to salt it a little, but I don't. There are variations on this garlic sauce recipe available online, so Google away.

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