Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Seattle's Jones Soda, best known for manufacturing a Thanksgiving-themed turkey-flavoured soda in recent past, has decided to carry on their tradition this year--with a vegan twist. Check your store shelves soon for Jones' vegan-friendly Tofurkey & Gravy soda. (I'll weigh in with a 'blech', although if the kind folks at Jones want to send me a sample, I'll be glad to post a review.)


Denver food critic Jason Sheehan weighed in this week with his assessment of ethical eating (and particularly on "that whole NOT EATING MEAT thing, which is just right the fuck out"):

As for me, I'll be down the street drinking beer and eating tacos, because for all this talk about animal rights and ecological consequences, there's still a part of me -- a big part of me -- that has all the food-morality of a blood-mad shark, that refuses to entertain notions of animal ethics when the dinner rush is coming in, that just looks at a cow and thinks, "Hmm, dinner..."

A story that's been making the rounds since an article first appeared about it on the BBC's website is that Windsor Castle will be holding its first ever vegan banquet tomorrow. Prince Philip is co-hosting a multi-faith conference and to keep matters simple in terms of various religions dietary restrictions, a decision was made to put on a completely plant-based feast. You can see the menu for yourself here. It sounds absolutely delicious.


Dave Langlois said...

Does anyone have a list of ingredients for the Tofurky soda? I want to see if this crap is actually vegan. (I wouldn't buy it, regardless. But I'm interested.)

Also, it is worth noting that there is a direct tie between this product and PAWS.

Vanilla Rose said...

Prince Philip hosting a WHAT? Oh dear. He does rather put his foot in his mouth a lot. Maybe he likes the taste.

M said...

Dave, interestingly enough, although they have ingredient info for their other sodas on their site, I just looked and couldn't find anything for this one. I'll email them and ask. I just saw the PAWS info on their site, too. Quite unfortunate.