Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What's Being Said About Vegans in Mainstream Media

Reproduced here for your reading pain/pleasure are a few snippets of what people have had to say about vegans or veganism in mainstream media this past week:

The Telegraph's columnist Liz Hunt didn't mince words on Tuesday as she shared her take on vegans:

An easy way to put vegans off a life of crime

I have yet to meet a vegan I like. They are smug, humourless, self-obsessed, self-righteous individuals, who spend every spare minute proselytising. Celebrity vegans are bad enough; take the hatchet-faced Stella McCartney, the supremely irritating Gwyneth Paltrow, and the loopy Heather Mills. The latter even allows her daughter to accost non-vegans and inform them of the wickedness of their ways.

Now, with news that vegan prisoners have won the right to ethically-sourced toiletries, and are demanding leather-free shoes to boot, I discover they have a criminal class, too.

Quite why they need suntan oil and facial scrubs, let alone lipstick, while doing time, isn’t clear. But can I suggest that instead of pandering further to this miserable group of lags, we dress them in leather head to toe, send them to work in an abattoir, and force-feed them from the menu of an Aberdeen Angus Steakhouse. That would be a deterrent with bite.

Her rant is no doubt in response to this recent news story. I really feel concern for people who give in to displaying this much animosity and often wonder what's behind it. I get it that 'snark' is hip and sells copy, but this much vitriolic disrespect just makes me squirm a little.


According to an article in yesterday's Kentucky Post, a recent nationwide School Nutrition Association survey of 1200 public, private and charter schools in the United States "found that [only] 20 percent of cafeterias offer vegan meal offerings, which contain no meat, dairy or animal products". It's absolutely unacceptable that 80% of American schools surveyed don't provide students with options that don't involve the use and slaughter of nonhuman animals.


unpopular vegan essays said...

It sounds like Liz Hunt needs to change her underwear and put some cold cream on her butt. She's a bit cranky over something as harmless as living nonviolently in one's life.

Erin said...

her idol must be ann coulter. although i have to say, she did make me giggle.

M said...

What's unfortunate is that so many articles like these that stereotype or spew venom at vegans pop up in mainstream media. The worst ones come from self-professed "former vegans".

Harvey said...

Looks like another ad hominem attack on vegans, facile and pathetic really.

Cavall de Quer said...

If the "Telegraph" mentioned is the English newspaper of that name, don't worry guys, only outdated right wing cranks ever read that rag.

Vanilla Rose said...

I wonder whether Ms Hunt was embarrassed when someone pointed out that Gwyneth Paltrow was recently filmed stuffing a chicken, thus making her not vegetarian, let alone vegan!