Friday, August 28, 2009

More Vegan Bits in the Media

Here are a few snippets from some online sources I read this morning:

This morning, yet another foodie article (this one on the Time website) extols the supposed virtues of smacking your lips over the delectable remains of the carcass of a locally-grown animal you have butchered yourself. Apparently, pigs are the new crack. According to San Francisco chef Ryan Farr, who teaches classes on "hog-butchery", nobody can resist:

There is nothing bacon does not improve. Bacon is the new black," says Farr, whose charcuterie company produces 4505 Chicharrones, the pork snacks favored by several San Francisco bars and restaurants. "I have five vegan friends who close their eyes when they eat them and pretend they are potato chips," Farr says. "Bacon is the gateway meat.
For more foodie raving about the supposed delights to be had in playing with a slaughtered nonhuman's body parts, check out this Guardian food blog bit where eating a pig's head is described as being the "utterly sensible and right thing to do" (but do so forewarned that it's not for the weak-stomached).


The LA Times reported yesterday that Animal Network's Whale Wars nabbed a "record 3.2 million viewers" for its season finale last Friday. Whale Wars is a show that follows Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's Paul Watson and his crew as they interfere with Japanese whaling in the Antarctic. I wonder if Animal Network could get 3.2 million viewers to watch the season finale of a show dealing with abolitionists interfering with the treatment of animals as property? My glass of seawater can be half-full, can't it?


For those in the Philadelphia area, vegan cartoonist Dan Piraro will be appearing at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival on Saturday, September 5 at 8 pm at the Rotunda. For more information, check out the story in the Delaware Country Daily Times. A vegan since 2002, Piraro frequently weaves references to the use and abuse of animals in his strip Bizarro.

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"I have five vegan friends who close their eyes when they eat them and pretend they are potato chips,"
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