Saturday, August 15, 2009

Because Vegans Like to Eat

Here are just a very few things vegan friends have been cooking up this past week or so:

Over at Yummy Vegan Dinners, ms. veganorama has been tempting readers with photos of her Pesto Fettucine and Roasted Eggplant, as well as of Southern Tomato Pie (which I soooo want to try to make sometime soon).

A few days ago, Vincent Guihan posted a recipe for Romano and Romaine Vegan Caesar Salad Wraps on his recently-resurrected Vegan Improv blog. I had this for lunch today, using the optional thinly-sliced onion he suggested (red onion, in my case) and it was simple and yummy on this incredibly hot summer's day.

Earlier today, I stumbled across a vegan cooking blog that grabbed my attention. Amey, at Vegan Eats & Treats, recently wrote about her foray into tofu-making. Her blog's mood is definitely fun and the photos of the meals she makes will leave you fighting the urge to poke around in your own fridge and cupboards to recreate them.

I'd also like to highlight a new cooking blog by an abolitionist vegan friend. It's called Quick and Dirty Vegan and its purpose is to dispel the myth that vegan cooking is complicated and convoluted. In The Divine Miss V's own words:

No more excuses. No more whining about time or skill in the kitchen. It has never been easier to find or prepare a vegan meal or snack, and everyone can do it. Hopefully, cooking newbs will gain confidence and the "aha moment" that they're pretty damn good at feeding themselves and others; and maybe the more advanced among you will appreciate a "day off" from your normal cooking frenzy.
So if you're new to veganism or are looking to take a break from your larger and more self-indulgent cooking projects, do keep an eye on this blog.


Unknown said...

You have wonderful taste!

M said...

Ya think so?

Anonymous said...

I love that you do this, showcase other blogs. I read this at the right time because I just made soymilk this morning and was wanting to do something the okara. Now I'm wanting to make tofu again!

M said...

I love that you and others are so good at writing about the delicious food that you make. I'd probably be doing it myself if I had more people for whom to cook, but I've really scaled back on experimenting in my own kitchen over the past few years. I miss it, but in the interim, it makes me happy to just point out (and try out!) the stuff that some of you are concocting.

That post left me wanting to make tofu again, too. That may be a project for me next weekend. :-D

ms. veganorama said...

Thanks for the shout out! :)

M said...

My pleasure!

The Divine Miss V said...

Weee! Thanks for mentioning my new blog. I feel compelled to post now!

Your blog is fantastic, BTW. Utterly fantastic. Just like you.

M said...

My pleasure and you'd better post. ;-)