Friday, July 17, 2009

Stewart White of The Business Spectator Minces Words

OK, I'm kidding. President of Food Media Club Australia and "The Digestive Tract" columnist for The Business Spectator, Stewart White went on the anti-vegan rant of the week today. Somewhere in the middle of all of it, he plugged eating pigs to fight diabetes, citing the results of--an Australian meat industry funded study! Go figure.

Some highlights? First:

Vocal minority food zealots can be so tedious. They are invariably self-righteous, ill-informed “believers” who have some flaw in their existence that gets them liverish about something and they will bang on ad infinitum in their blinkered and myopic crusade.
If it weren’t for the fact that these fanatics dig into their anthropomorphic chaff bag of skewed anecdotes from which to launch these sallies – on the face of it there would be a modicum of logic in the argument – but changing a person’s eating habits – changing lifestyle habits – are not done easily as most sane people who’ve ever tried to do – or not do something – would attest.

A quantum leap into vegetative boredom is a big call for anyone to seriously adopt and maintain from a lifetime of a normal omnivorous diet. So get over it. Modifying is the buzz word here. Modify the diet – make incremental changes – and it will stick … hopefully.

Today I read how there is a health issue with sprouts on the veggie market. There’s a whole lot of salmonella going down with mung, alfalfa and other mouth-watering sprout offerings. I have to say, I’d prefer to take my chances losing weight with one of 15 heart foundation approved cuts of lean pork than a gusset-filling gastro dose from alleged human grade fodder.
His use of the term "logic" was almost endearing. I think that I've written "What I Did on My Summer Vacation" papers in junior high-school that reflected a bit more maturity than this opinion piece by an obvious Australian meat industry mouthpiece.


wchanley said...

I think vegans eat nothing but grass and twigs. I have no facts or evidence to actually base that opinion *upon* so I'm going to spew some silliness about logic and hope that none of my readers possess a dictionary.

M said...

It's funny how five years ago, an article like this in the media would have made me furious. Today, I read it and see what an absolutely ludicrous knee-jerk thing that it is and how nobody with half a wit could possibly take it seriously.

unpopular vegan essays said...

Thanks for the laugh, Mylène.

What makes it amusing is that it's more of the same, boring venom spewed for the 2,654,685,375th time by yet *another* absolutely furious, violent defender of intentionally killing the innocent.

wchanley said...

The thing that rankles (a bit) is this: do you honestly think you're telling us something we don't already KNOW when you say that people are selfish and habitual and will change slowly, if at all?

This is not news.

It's also not going shut any of us up.