Thursday, July 23, 2009

Special Update on Latest Vegan Freak Radio Podcast

Bob Torres just mentioned on Twitter that "audio problems" have delayed the release of the latest episode of Vegan Freak Radio. Stay tuned for updates, or follow Bob on Twitter @veganfreak for the latest news.

ETA: It's up now.

2 comments: said...

It should be noted that those who believe in exploiting industries to be the main – or only – culprit of animal exploitation also tend to hold an image of man according to which individuals cannot be educated about essential moral issues and, therefore, have to be manipulated into acting the way they should.

Not people's minds needs to be changed, but ''the system''. And how are we to change the system without changing the minds of those who support it? By fighting animal industry which would not exist if people didn't demand animal products.

Welfarist logic.

M said...

You're absolutely right. A recent ongoing exchange I've been having with a HSUS representative also made this clear. While arguing that HSUS is doing more for animals by working with the industry in which they're raised for slaughter, she expressed to me that veganism is a personal choice and that it's unrealistic to think that any changes could be made through vegan education. In response to my questioning her about whether HSUS employees eat animals, she said that many of them do and that she feels that this is their "personal choice". Basically, she conveyed what you're saying: The industry needs to be changed--not the individuals. Not even the individuals purportedly fighting the industry.