Tuesday, July 08, 2008

USDA's recently updated chart of the growth of the adoption of GM crops in the US

Regardless of consumers' wariness of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), thanks to a lack of labelling (not to mention testing and regulating), more and more GMOs are being planted by US farmers and entering the food supply (or in the case of cotton, clothing supply).

This USDA chart
shows the percentage of planted acres grown that are GMO (it includes Ht soybeans, Ht corn, Bt corn, Ht cotton and Bt cotton). Here's another look at it. It's hard to believe that over 90% of all soybeans grown in the US are now genetically modified.


jessy said...

that is so scary! and it makes me want to pack up, build my own green home, grow my own food, and live off the land (and "off the grid").

this makes me want to cry! GMOs are scary things and i don't like this! eek!

M said...

The first step is to support organic producers and then to try to educate your friends and family about GMOs so that they can avoid them, as well. Consumers have so much power, but most are just simply unaware of what's at stake.

jessy said...

that's so true! dan and i buy only organic produce and have started buying only organic flours, pastas, popcorn kernels, sugars, etc. i need to spread the word more though - for sure! the more aware people are as consumers the better, i agree!