Friday, July 25, 2008

Kim Honey's rabbit kill follow-up

After finding herself on the receiving end of expressions of outrage from vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, Toronto Star's Kim Honey next played the victim card, singling out the angriest comments in response to her article, calling them ''virulent'' and ''outright personal attacks'', perhaps to elicit sympathy or support.

As a result of this, even more readers chimed in on the whole thing.
The only people who seem supportive of her are those who are able to haphazardly call some animals pets and others dinner. Had a reporter covered a story about someone's taking a dog and bashing the pooch's skull in, all of the readers would be outraged. As one reader pointed out, yes, it's true that worse things happen in slaughterhouses. I think that the important point, however, is that Honey's piece was a completely unapologetic description of a brutal act; just because some people have an ''out of sight, out of mind'' mentality about where their meat comes from doesn't change that fact or make her article any more acceptable. That's just my opinion, though.


Anonymous said...


The food editor, Kim Honey, who wrote an article called “Incredible Edibles” in The Star in the Living section of Wednesday July 23rd’s paper is a psychopath and a monster and should either be fired by The Star or should resign. The Star is supposed to only employ writers who have respect for animal life, but Ms. Honey is clearly a callous, unfeeling person to the point of being very scary.

In the article she writes, “It was time to kill the fluffy bunny……It was cute but I wanted to eat it.”Food editor Kim Honey calms her fluffy bunny before slaughter”

Let me be clear. I am not a vegetarian and ‘though I myself would never order rabbit in a restaurant, it wouldn’t have bothered me if this were an article about ordering rabbit in restaurant or about purchasing rabbit that had already been killed such as we do steak in a grocery store. But it is a whole other matter when a person is capable of holding an adorable little innocent rabbit in their hands, have their mouth watering as they imagine what this live rabbit would taste like cooked and being further enticed as they slaughter it. Only a very sick, deranged person totally devoid of any compassion or sensitivity for animal life could do this. Again, these are the qualities of psychopaths. The fact that she can go home later and possibly show affection to her loved ones after doing such a heinous act is truly frightening.

The Star needs to take action and dismiss Ms. Honey as they are tarnishing their name by having such an unfeeling person employed at The Star. And the fact that this article was approved by other channels also puts in to question those who approved it.

I also believe that the reason she ran the “vitriolic” articles the next day I she’s only pretending to be tough and not care. But in reality, I am SURE the guilt is creeping up and she is asking herself: “AM I A MONSTER???”

T. K.

M said...

*rabbit that had already been killed such as we do steak in a grocery store*

The problem with that, unfortunately, is that animals in slaughterhouses have it no better (and in some cases, have it much worse) than the scenario described by Kim Honey. We just don't see what happens to them.