Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Old Sol

I found this story via Digg. Apparently, 90% of Israeli homes are equipped with solar water heaters. They started popping up when restrictions on hot water usage were imposed during an energy shortage, and now all new home builders are legally required to install them. Hawaii just passed a similar law. In places with lots of sunshine, it seems to be the economical thing to do, which is what made it logical for a country like Spain to develop solar power more extensively and to mandate its use in new and renovated buildings. (For those interested, here's more information on the different types of solar water heaters, their installation and their maintenance and here's some information on solar collectors in general.)

A Swiss company called Mindset AG has recently announced its own contribution to the mix of electric cars nosing their way into the market. It's still a prototype, but this one's a bit different from the rest -- it's solar powered. The company plans to sell around 10,000 of them next year if you're willing to part with around $78K. (via Inhabitat)

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