Thursday, May 01, 2008

More flood shots from yesterday

This is a shot of the intersection at Brunswick and Carleton, just in front of the Old Burial Ground. I'm fairly sure the water was coming out of a manhole, since there was some bubbling up at another intersection just a couple of blocks east. Again, this was taken yesterday evening, probably close to 8:30 pm.

This is at the intersection at the southern foot of the old train bridge yesterday evening. The water here was coming from the river's overflow. There were so many people gathered above and on all sides of it, snapping photos whenever the lights changed and cars splashed through. I suspect that this has since been blocked off by police. This was taken at around 7:45 pm.

Here's a view of the train bridge, itself in the dusk. That second line of trees in the background is where the river's edge usually is.

A couple of downtown employees found themselves having to deal with quickly rising water when retrieving their parked cars. This guy was amscraying out of a parking lot behind buildings on the north side of Queen St.

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