Friday, May 02, 2008

Even more flood pics from May 1

I had to sneak in a pic of my beloved trusty bike. This was taken by Officer's Pond, formerly known as Officer's Square before the Saint John River spilled into it.

Just a few feet away, a couple of kids were indulging themselves in -- uh -- water sports with their own bikes.

Someone over at the Crowne Plaza must have had a chuckle leaving this up.


Anonymous said...

hello there.

just stumbled across your blog while uploading my own pictures to show friends what we're wading through these days, and was i ever surprised to find a fellow vegan in fredericton. so just thought i'd say hello, and that your photos are great. hope you're keeping your feet dry.


M said...

Hi (and thanks)!

I've only ever known two other vegetarians here, and they've both gone back to eating animals. I keep meaning to try to start some sort of group, hoping it'll bring folks out of the woodwork.

I think the woman who runs True Food Organics is vegan, actually. At least she told me that she was a couple of years ago.

Do you have a blog? You mention uploading pictures.

Anonymous said...

Hello again (and, you're welcome!),

i've been wanting to start a group, too. i just moved here recently for work and am missing the social ease of my former home. am thinking that once the weather gets nice i might try to organize a bi-weekly potluck picnic in the park, or else in my backyard. would you be interested? i have a couple vegan-food-loving omni friends who i cook for regularly, and who have already enthusiastically "signed up" and would love to get a good sized gang together (as visions of kite-flying and veggie eating and duck feeding dance in my head...).

yes, she is. i can't remember her name right now, but i shop and chat there all the time. i mentioned the idea to her, and she sounded interested in a regular-ish gathering as well. she called it "outreach", which made me smile.

no, i still havent gotten around to creating a blog. i was just uploading photos to my photo account so i could send them on to friends and family, and thought i'd search out "fredericton flood" because i was a bit bored.

anyway, if you'd be interested in some kind of meet-ups during the summer, drop me a line [ or]. i'm leaving tomorrow for ottawa for a week and a half, but am planning a picnic at o'dell for the weekend i get back.


M said...

A potluck at Odell sounds great. I may be able to scrounge up a couple of other veg-friendly types. I've been mostly offline for much of the past week with a houseguest from out of town, hence just responding to this now. I'll definitely drop you a line to exchange contact info.