Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sarah Palin and Matthew Scully Part II

I found this article online today that takes a different look at vegetarian-anti-hunting-Scully having written obsessive-hunter-Palin's speech:

These two Republicans are working together to trounce Obama-Biden ticket, even when that ticket has the endorsement of the Humane Society and PETA. So whatever else you might say about Matthew Scully, he's got his priorities straight. Imagine Democrats of such divergent views collaborating. I can't. A big tent indeed.

I think that it's the one positive reference to Scully's having written the speech that I've seen in the press so far. It's no surprise that it's from such a conservative source, and of course the article then goes on to thrash Scully quite soundly, praising hunting and then completely denouncing veganism as unnatural. You can't have a conservative article mentioning veganism without throwing in the obligatory myths and misinformation (e.g. you can only get B-12 in meat).


Anonymous said...

Interesting article. It almost seems as if it's been written by two different people. Like you, I was doing fine on the first part where he makes the point about the Scully/Palin united front. The last bit was the same old line, except that I hadn't heard that front-facing eyes meant you'd die without meat.

Hunting for sustenance is one thing. Hunting for pure sport is quite another. And even sport hunters will say that canned hunts are the worst. Even that might be preferable to life in a factory farm.

Anonymous said...

Matthew Scully is a spy for PETA.

M said...

Philbert, you crazy kid, you.