Monday, September 29, 2008

More veganism in the news

Jane Glenn Haas of the OC Register is continuing with her 21 day vegan cleanse (à la Oprah and inspired by Kathy Freston). I wrote about it a few days ago after spotting her column online. In her most recent column, Haas mentions how amazed she is at the emails she's received from people telling her to stop what she's doing and to go back to eating meat, while on the other hand, she's been receiving heaps of support from vegans and vegetarians offering her tips and kudos.

Haas admits that although she started the cleanse "to mimic Oprah", one of the other reasons she's attempting it is that she's scheduled to introduce Freston at a women's luncheon. She felt compelled to mention, as well, that although people have commended her on lessening her contribution to animal suffering that "animals had nothing to do" with her decision to do this. I wonder what Freston, a personal growth and spirituality counsellor who is very much concerned with the animal cruelty inherent in the animal slaughter industry would think of someone advocating her cleanse for such shallow reasons?

As far as I'm concerned, any lessening of the consumption of animals is great, and I guess Haas has to be commended for -- at the very least -- being honest that she's merely jumping on last month's celebrity bandwagon for the sake of appearances, but it seems to defeat the whole purpose of Freston's book, which makes it seem a little pointless and pathetic.


The UK's Times Online had
a decent (albeit short) interview yesterday with one of my favourite vegan environmentalist celebrities, Woody Harrelson. He and his wife founded a group called VoiceYourself and have a great website well worth checking out. They promote veganism, organic living, peak oil awareness and community. They also emphasize the power (and accountability) each and every one of us has as a consumer -- something so many seem to either shrug off or forget when feeling overwhelmed by this global mess we've let snowball.


Anonymous said...

Woody is awesome!!!!

M said...

Yep. I agree.

Anonymous said...

We can all learn alot from the work Of Woody and his wife. One of the most prolific Hollywood figures when it comes to sustainability. Visit his site, see his documentary Go Further (very moving and convincing) and start making changes in your life today. We, of the sustainable mindset, are still the minority in the states. We must grow the participation level if we hope to incite any change, even at the national level much less on a global scale. Follow the lead Woody has chosen to set forth, it is a strong foundation!
Aaron of

M said...

I'd like to think that Canadians are a few steps ahead in terms of being environmentally conscious, but I'm not so sure these days. I think we're getting sloppy thanks to the Conservatives running my own country and how little attention they're paying to the seriousness of resource depletion and pollution within our borders. Attitudes are contagious.

I hope (but won't hold my breath) that the election next week changes that somewhat.