Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Vegan recipes in the news

The Kansas City Star had a recipe for Cashew Manicotti w/ Sundried Tomatoes tucked into an Earth Day related blurb about veganism. It's from Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook.

The Canadian Press is spreading around a recipe for Tomato Curried Lentils, from Angeline Linardis' V Cuisine: The Art of New Vegan Cooking. I think that Linardis has a blog (unless the blog's name is just a coincidence), but it seems to be a 'by invitation only' sort of thing.

The Baltimore Sun has a piece today about the rising cost of food and how to eat frugally by incorporating vegetarian meals into your week. In it, the writer of the piece contributed her adaptation of a Curry of Eggplant and Peas recipe from The Vegetarian Epicure.


Anonymous said...


Sorry to admit that I'm so computer illiterate to not know how to reply, or just contact you by e-mail, that I must do it this way. Hi, I'm Angeline, of V Cuisine: The Art of New Vegan Cooking. I apologize for my website being in a hopeless state of limbo (thus, your thinking it might be an invitation only thing). It is definitely on my list of things to do to get that thing up and running. I haven't done any "blogging" yet, but I know I need to get into that swing also. Just wanted to let you know, so you didn't think I was running some snobby exclusive foodie club! V Cuisine is accessible to everyone! Take care and happy cooking--


M said...

Hi Angeline!

I wasn't aware that you had a separate website. Could you share the URL? The blog ( to which I'd linked in my post was what I was referring to. When you click on the link, it states that permission is denied and that it's open to invited readers only, which is why I'd written that it seemed to be "by invitation only". From what you're saying, though, I'm assuming that it's someone else's then. Thanks for the clarification!