Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Fredericton Community Kitchen needs urgent help

On Wednesday, April 23, the industrial dishwasher used by the Fredericton Community Kitchen to wash and sterilize the 120 or so loads of dishes they use every day caught fire. Repairs would cost more than getting the dishwasher completely replaced, and the replacement cost is approximately $12,000. That's money the Fredericton Community Kitchen doesn't have, and the dishwasher is crucial if they're able to continue serving the number of meals they do every day.

Fredericton radio station FRED FM has organized a fundraiser to come up with the money to replace the dishwasher. Donations can be made directly at the Community Kitchen itself at 65 Brunswick St, or at FRED FM's studios at 77 Westmorland St, Suite 400. Additionally, FRED FM staff will be around the city with collection buckets over the next few days. Pledges can also be made by calling 455-FRED (3733) or 455-0923. They're also encouraging the community to respond with corporate / school / retail / community group challenges and will be keeping a running list of these challenges on their website.

The situation is urgent and the sooner the Fredericton Community Kitchen can obtain this money, the sooner things can get back to normal for them as they continue to provide an invaluable service to so many people in the city who need them. Please get involved asap!

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