Monday, November 05, 2012

PETA: Redefining "Tasteless" One Campaign at a Time

Earlier today, Jezebel featured a YouTube video uploaded by PETA Europe on October 31, purportedly "in honour of World Vegan Day". Jezebel described it as "horrifying" and summed it up as follows: "Hey guys, with a plant-based diet, you will be able to leer at women, like, all day, waving your genitals at them while you grimace in a vaguely menacing way." If that sounds like a melodramatic overreaction to you, I assure you that it's not. Check it out for yourselves:

Some of the comments left in response to the video on YouTube:

"Go home PETA. You're drunk."
"This is the stupidest video ever. What are you trying to tell us???"
"So if you join PETA your ding-dong turns into a plant?"
"Go vegan and you might improve your sex life. Do drugs and you might land a job with PETA."
I don't even know where to start with it, myself. It's lewd on so very many levels and is unfortunately not that far-removed from what I've come to expect from PETA. Your thoughts?


Daniel Wilson said...

I used to be a member of PETA, did some volunteer work for them, and Ingrid herself helped me out when I was being sued by Marineland. I'm very grateful for that. But over the years they have been getting so off base and offensive with their messages (remember their campaign to "kill a whale" to save cows?) that I simply can't support them anymore. This ad is just one of many that alienates vegans, and declares to the rest of the world: "We're nuts!" It almost seems that PETA is trying to discredit vegans and veganism with their ads, as I haven't seen ONE that takes veganism, or vegans, seriously.

Natalie said...

Hi Daniel! That "kill a whale" to save cows campaign is actually what got me thinking and made me become vegan. I thought I was such a good environmentalist back then.

niceswine said...

PETA are simply horrendous, they euthanize animals and are stupid enough to believe they do any good. They are "murderer" and "police" at once, they nullify their own claimed goals to stand for the "ethical treatment" of nonhuman animals. An ad like this shows only how eagerly people like PETA actually use AR and veganism for their own (financial, might, fame ...) gains, and nothing but that. The stupidity of the ad is only giving away the truth about they themselves.

Spencer said...

My thoughts: crude, gross and hilariously stupid.

Unknown said...

That made about as much sense as the vegan strip club in Portland (which might actually be more tasteful).