Monday, April 09, 2012

A "New American Vegan" Winner!

A random draw yesterday afternoon left Marri Lynn the winner of a brand new copy of Vincent Guihan's New American Vegan. As part of the entry requirement for the contest, announced just last week, Marri Lynn included a photo for a favourite vegan recipe of her own, one for wholewheat bread (which was significantly adapted from another). She's given me permission to reprint it here and you can find the ingredients and the instructions on how to make it on her blog, The Supplementary:

Thanks to everyone who entered! I loved your photos and recipes and thank you for the interest you expressed in this awesome cookbook. Marri Lynn's copy will be in the mail by the end of this week.

As promised last week, I'm sharing (with Vincent's kind permission) the recipe from the photos I'd taken which ended up most-requested in comments left, as well as by email. In this case, it was the delicious and gorgeous "Chickpea, Avocado Ceviche".

As it turns out, you can find the recipe here (as well as get an idea of the spiffiness of the book's layout, and of how helpful the additional instructions are for the recipes -- in this case, for the Chickpea, Avocado Ceviche).

You can follow Vincent's writing on his blog We Other Animals and drool over his more food-related posts at veganimprov. You can order New American Vegan through Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and I you can buy it directly from PM Press.

Go out there and get yourselves a new cookbook!

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