Tuesday, November 16, 2010

There's No Such Thing As a Vegan, Revisited

"Hey, I'm snarky and I'm going to rip the world's vegans a new one in one fell swoop with my cleverness. Um.... Well, how about with my bad logic and shoddy writing skills, then?

Dave might like to
read this piece dealing with the same tired "there's no such thing as a vegan because whatever you eat requires killing" excuse used by those who choose to exploit non-human animals to somehow attempt to justify their deliberate use of non-human animals. And he should ask them about accountability and complicity in animal slaughter, instead of wasting his readers' time by mocking those who actually do their best to live lives that reflect taking the rights and interests of non-human animals seriously.

Here's the "cold hard truth", Dave: You have the choice to live your life so that each and every day, you avoid using animals as things by refusing to consume animal products and to participate in animal exploitation as earnestly and thoroughly as you can. Small animals may be killed during agriculture, but how on earth do you think it follows that, bearing this in mind, we should all throw our arms up into the air and say "Gee, well I guess that I'd better go back to deliberately using animal products in every single aspect of my life, then." You're right to have written "we all make choices in our lives but once you make that choice be honest and accountable about it".

is about accountability in our choices. Where's the accountability in yours?

For further reading on veganism and agriculture, please check out Dan Cudahy's excellent essay
"On the Environmental Disaster of Animal Agriculture" on his Unpopular Vegan Essays blog.


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Vanilla Rose said...

GRRRRRRrrrr, I am so angry about stupid comments from meat eaters, both in this article and in a thing by a "Christian" who was on about how it is okay to eat animals because they lack immortal souls. I won't give away the rest of the nonsense she came up with as I'm saving that for a blog post, which I will post a link to when I have done it. Suffice it to say that she comes across as really, really illogical and badly-informed.

Vanilla Rose said...


Wanted to get it off chest, please alert me if you find I have made any typos in my haste! Thank you!

Vanilla Rose said...

Sorry, forgot this wasn't Facebook with the automatic links. This is the link to my blog post re the Christian who believes having an immortal soul gives her the right to prematurely end the lives of the soulless who have but a short life anyway in her opinion.