Friday, September 24, 2010

Technical Stuff

Blogger has recently started seemingly randomly marking some comments as "spam", holding them in a spam folder. A few comments by regular posters have inadvertently ended up being unpublishable as a result of a glitch. If you've left a comment over the past few weeks and it hasn't shown up, I do apologize. Please feel free to re-post them.



Vanilla Rose said...

I wish blogger had a system where one could just click somewhere for a list of one's previous comments. Maybe it does have that, in which case it should explain its systems better. Grrrrrarrrrrrrrgh.

Anonymous said...

Click 'Comments' on your Blogger dashboard. Right under that tab (in tiny font), there should be a 'Spam' tab that should display your missing comments. Check box the legitimate ones and click 'Not Spam'. This should restore them. Any remaining 'Spam' can then be check boxed and deleted.