Monday, July 12, 2010

Celebrity "Veganism"

Add PETA darling and actress Zooey Deschanel to the list of fair-weather vegan celebrities going back to eating animals and their secretions. Less than a year after Deschanel was praised by every half-hearted veggie-something publication or website online for having supposedly brought tons of attention to veganism as a guest on the television show Top Chef, Deschanel has announced that she's gone back to eating meat and dairy after recently discovering that she can't consume soy or wheat products (because there are obviously no other sources of protein or types of grain in the world, obviously). A blurb in the Toronto Sun recently quoted her as telling Bust magazine: "I gave it a good try, but sometimes you just need a little something, a little meat."


Do I really need to say anything about Jessica "Real Girls Eat Meat" Simpson's recent it-isn't-about-weight-loss cleanse that's got those who actually care about Simpson's yo-yo dieting even more confused about what "vegan" means? I'll let you Google that yourself.


Emily said...

Ah, sad Zooey. It's not like I think that celebrities are on a higher tier than everyone else, but it's nice to know when there are well-known people advocating for veganism. I'm sad that Zooey doesn't want to continue. I'm sure her publicist made her say whatever sounds good, but I wonder what's going on in her heart. It seems like a drastic change to make.

What other well-known people are vegans?


The Compassionate Hedonist said...

I remember that episode and thought, "How cool that another celiac doesn't cave in to the meat myth like most:" Lame. She has my vite for laziest.

JⒺssica said...