Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Link Updates

I just wanted to take a second to mention recent link updates for the "Ethics of Consumption and Otherwise" list on My Face Is on Fire. I've recently added:

  • Ánima (Spanish/Portuguese/English)

I've also added the following two links to the "Vegan Cooking and Nutrition" links:

(If any of these sites belong to you and I've misnamed them, please do leave a comment or drop me a line at m.of.the.maritimes at Thanks!)


Cavall de Quer said...

Ooooh, thanks for the Spanish ones - i live in Barcelona!

Unknown said...

thanks for your support Myléne!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your great work, Mylène!
Vegan abolitionist regards!

M said...

Thanks, Pablo and Lou!

Cavall de Quer: I'm going to update my links over the next few days to indicate the languages of the sites. I'd never thought about that up until yesterday, but there are a few others that have Spanish content (as well as other languages) and I'm sure that there are others out there I haven't discovered yet, mostly because of my own weak grasp of Spanish (which I hope to change over the next few months).

P. S. You may also enjoy the Spanish version of Elizabeth Collins' NZ Vegan Podcast. It's NZ Vegano Podcast:

Cavall de Quer said...

Thank you very much - there's ever more material here but some of it (like everywhere, I guess) is a little wobbly on facts and not perhaps straight down the line. I'll look that podcast up and pass it on.