Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rush Limbaugh as HSUS Mouthpiece

OK, this is just so weird on so many levels that I can't stop giggling. That Limbaugh is becoming a spokesperson for welfarism is funny enough on its own. That HSUS continues to be linked to veganism and described as extremist by conservatives and animal slaughter industry types, though, still gets me shaking my head a little in disbelief.

Limbaugh a spokesman for vegans? Say what?
By Drovers news staff | Friday, April 17, 2009

Several news organizations are reporting that Rush Limbaugh has recorded Public Service Announcements supporting the vegan-driven Humane Society of the United States. According to the Animal Agriculture Alliance, worse still is that one of the two audio spots promotes HSUS’ outreach to religious organizations.

One commentary by Wesley J. Smith, a senior fellow in bioethics, says Limbaugh supporting HSUS “is really against everything for which he stands.” Read his comments here.

The Animal Agriculture Alliance has urged livestock producers to e-mail Rush today at to urge him to further examine HSUS and reconsider his support of the organization. AAA also urges you to write your own letter expressing your feelings, but to get you started AAA has written a sample letter that is available here.
I tried to copy the text from that sample letter, which is a .PDF file, but failed. It stresses, basically, that HSUS' true agenda is to "eliminate animal protein from people's diets" and put ranchers and such out of business.

The link to the comments by purported ethicist Wesley J. Smith leads to an Opposing Views piece that's really nothing but an excuse to park a rant or temper tantrum. The Opposing Views piece also features this YouTube video with an audio track of Limbaugh speaking out against dog fighting (and talking about his "little cat Punkin) in one of two PSAs he's done for HSUS:

This second clip, however, is the one that has the Animal Agriculture Alliance aflutter and is the one which is most telling concerning how it's not really such a far stretch to consider that the conservative right could indeed get behind welfarism:

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minku said...

This is nothing new. Matthew Scully, former speechwriter for Bush II and Sarah Palin, has that book Dominion, which is a conservative call for welfarism, based on conservative values. He also wrote something for Pat Buchanan's magazine, which helped Buchanan win a PeTA award.