Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Vegan Recipes and Food in Online Media

Once again, I just though I'd share what I've run across on various newspapers' websites.

Maine's Ellsworth American featured a short and simple recipe for Sweet Maine Turnips w/ Maple Glaze.

The Epoch Times had a short piece on the health benefits of beets which included a traditional Ukrainian recipe for Christmas Borscht.

Yesterday, Sudbury's Northern Life featured a scrumptious sounding recipe for Moroccan Vegetable Soup.

Finally, New Jersey's Cranford Chronicle had a piece about tofu that just left me with a slightly furrowed brow, wondering what the writer's point had been in writing it in the first place. It's basically a piece written by someone who claims to like tofu and who goes on and on about how most people don't like it. Aside from praising her own purportedly innovative squeezing technique, her only recommendation concerning its preparation is to "cook the blazes out of the tofu over a high flame until every last drop of moisture is removed". Um, okay. You may not end up with something "rubbery" or "gelatinously slimy", but it's almost guaranteed that you'll end up with a hard inedible brick. Honestly -- what's the point?


Anonymous said...

I wrote to Sandy about the tofu article and kindly asked that if she didn't have anything nice to say about tofu, then it'd be better she not say anything at all, as she certainly was not helping the cause with her last piece.

M said...

What a great idea!