Saturday, February 16, 2008

Peak Oil, Peak Coal, and Beyond

This is an interview with award-winning vegetarian author, educator, lecturer and Peak Oil expert Richard Heinberg, posted to YouTube by the folks at Peak Moment Television.

Their half-hour long episodes -- Conversations -- focus on local food production, renewable energy, transportation alternatives, what businesses or government can and should be doing, as well as what individuals can do to prepare for life after the oil age. They're hosted by Global Public Media and YouTube and where available, can be seen on community access television.

The description provided on YouTube for this particular episode:

Peak Moment 63: Hot topics from Richard Heinberg: record-high U.S. fuel prices; the ethanol big-business boondoggle; coal projected to peak about a hundred years early (around 2020); what the climate change discussion is missing; and the benefits of "going local".

I love his musical intro!

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