Saturday, June 04, 2011

Want a Clear Conscience?

My Face Is on Fire's first ever official unofficial Boston correspondent forwarded this photo to me earlier today with the following description:

"[T]his signboard is outside of a place in Cambridge called 'The Clear Conscience Café.' Who needs the sacrament of penance when you can just . . . eat breakfast?"

So how about the rest of you? Have you stumbled across such ethical eating absurdities in your own towns or during your own travels? If so and you get a chance to snap a pic, please forward it to me at m.of.the.maritimes @ so that I can consider posting it in what could hopefully become a regular feature.

Meanwhile, want a "clear conscience" when it comes to using nonhuman
animals? Go vegan!


lauren said...

I just came from a little kids ballet about environmentalism. it always bugs me. If you want to save the planet, stop eating meat. if you care about animals, don't take babies away from their mothers then steal their milk. it drives me up a wall.

Rich R said...

Meh I used to go to a few enviromental groups before I moved and none of them only 2 out of 3 groups of about 7 where vegan :/
They didn't really understand much about enviromentalism.