Saturday, May 28, 2011

What This Vegan Eats

Neither chef, nor photographer, I'm nonetheless sharing a few more photos of things I've slapped together over this past week:

Here's an easy-to-tweak favourite: Kitchen sink tofu scramble with organic tofu, red bell peppers, onions, heirloom rainbow carrots, potatoes and kale. I seasoned it with crushed garlic, nutritional yeast, turmeric, parsley, soy "bacon bits", black salt and freshly-ground pepper.

A simple breakfast: Organic wheat squares with raspberries and unsweetened vanilla almond milk with mandarin oranges and sliced banana on the side.

Here's some vegetable-lentil soup made with diced tomatoes, purple cabbage, red lentils, carrots, potatoes, green pepper, onions, garlic and smoked paprika. I added a little bit of salt to taste, and it was so delicious.

Red potatoes mashed with nutritional yeast and topped with a mixture of legumes simmered in fire-roasted tomato salsa with crushed garlic added to it. A side of kale and heirloom rainbow carrots tossed with a sweet onion dressing complemented it nicely.

Broccoli stir-fried with onions and a bit of tofu with a five-spice sauce, spooned over some garlic-sesame udon noodles.

Finally... Who says that salads are all about lettuce? Here's some purple cabbage, carrots, radishes, scallions and cherry tomatoes over some chickpeas, all of it tossed with a creamy roasted garlic dressing.

Cheap and simple vegan eats, no?


Sarah E. Jahier said...

Yum yum!!!

Rich R said...

No nom looks great :)
I moved to a vegan house recently (posted about that on AA) and have been really influenced by the people here, ones a chef who went vegan so he's always making stuff but just being around I've made things I would'nt before which is cool.
For lunch he had some huge sweet potatoes in the oven so I just made some quick humus and had it with that very tasty and he showed me how to make homemade falafel :)