Saturday, December 05, 2009

Vegan, you look like HELL!

Here's a favourite video of mine from YouTube covering some of the things that well-meaning friends and acquaintances may say without thinking to you if you're vegan. Visit porolita22's channel there for more videos about veganism.


Philip Steir said...

Great...funny video. That kids got talent!
Do the Steakhouse or Dennys test.
Go to any Steakhouse...or to any Dennys restaurant and look at the people. Go on...Take a good look if you can stomache it and you'll see the humans... they look... horrible.
The truth is most people look bad....most people... unless they have a stylist, personal trainer or make up person with them at all times... look like hell. Most meat eaters look terrible.
Do the test.... go out to an establishment where you know the customers are eating animals and you'll see.... they all look nasty! The people that is. Seriously!
This whole vegans look sick thing is all a myth.
Now...go to a vegan restaurant on the westside of LA right after the packed yoga class finishes up the street and do the test again.

Vegan, you look beautiful!

M said...

Isn't she great? And gorgeous!

Vanilla Rose said...

Yes, there are definitely some meat eaters like that around!

Melissa said...

Oh my gosh, LOVE it!!! That was absolutely hilarious and totally spot on.