Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Biofuels -- let the wars begin

Even as the EU backs away abruptly from its previous biofuels usage goals in the face of ''soaring world food prices blamed partly on competition for farmland from agri-fuel producers'', agribusiness giants Monsanto, Dow and Archer Daniels Midland are joining forces to mount a lobbying crusade (worth millions, natch) on Washington to build a case for continuing and / or increased usage of biofuels.

From controlling the world's food to controlling the world's food and energy...

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J said...

Ah, at times like this I am ashamed to hail from St. Louis, the home of Monsanto.

The biofuels thing is such a bad idea for many reasons: the food crisis, land and water depletion, simple energy returned on energy invested, you get the idea.

There was story in the mainstream media here a few weeks ago talking about how Missouri (where I live) has the cheapest gas in the country. For two reason, we aren't too far from Texas and are on their shipping routes, but more importantly is ethanol. Missouri requires all gasoline to be "cut" with ethanol - they've been doing this for ages, and they keep raising the ratio.