Saturday, December 06, 2008

Gary Francione's VeganFreak Radio Interview

Bob and Jenna Torres host an amazing kinda-monthly podcast called Vegan Freak Radio. I've gushed over it here before. Bob's a sociology professor and both are animal abolitionists (i.e. they seek the eradication of the use of animals for human consumption). They're also authors of the book Vegan Freak: Being Vegan in a Non-Vegan World, which is a witty and well-written book on how and why to be(come) vegan -- definitely worth checking out.

In June, they featured my favourite animal ethics philosopher Gary Francione in a two-part podcast where he discussed some of his works, explaining animal abolitionism and how it's a necessary reaction to the ethically problematic animal welfarism. He explains how his views differ tremendously from better-known animal ethics philosophers like Tom Regan and Peter Singer. He's actually responsible for having made me rethink my views on Singer's work (I was a utilitarianism geek in university) and has left me asking myself some important questions about why I'm vegan and how I can become a better advocate for non-human animals.

I strongly recommend listening to the two-part interview. You can listen to it here:

Part one - June 20
Part two - June 26

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